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16th August 2018 GMT


Aristotelio Boutique Hotel Pedoulas, Nicosia.
Asty Hotel Nicosia Agios Dometios, Nicosia.
Averof Hotel Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.
Avli Traditional Hotel Lythrodontas Lythrodontas, Nicosia.
Capouralli Hotel Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Casale Panayiotis Hotel Kalopanayiotis, Nicosia.
Castelli Hotel Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.
Central Hotel Pedoulas Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Centrum Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
Christys Palace Hotel Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Churchill Pinewood Valley Hotel Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Cleopatra Hotel Nicosia Lefkosia, Nicosia.
Crown Hotel - Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.
Cyprus Cottage Hotel Agios Dometios, Nicosia.
Delphi Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
Ekali Hotel Kakopetria, Nicosia.
Europa Hotel Egkomi, Nicosia.
Europa Hotel Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.
Hilton Cyprus Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
Hilton Cyprus Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
Hilton Park Nicosia Nicosia Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
Holiday Inn Nicosia City Centre Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.
Kastalia Hotel Kalopanagiotis, Nicosia.
Koutroullou Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Kyriacos Markides Nicosia, Nicosia.
Mountain Rose Hotel Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Olgas Katoi - Agrotourism Kalopanagiotis, Nicosia.
Pelides Andreas Kakopetria, Nicosia.
Platanos Restaurant Pedhoulas, Nicosia.
Rimi Hotel - Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.
Royiatiko Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
Sky Hotel Nicosia, Nicosia.
The Classic Hotel Nicosia Nicosia, Nicosia.