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LemesosSWPP Wedding Venues

Wednesday 21st November 2018  


Lemesos Wedding Venues

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  1. Alasia Boutique Hotel - Wedding Venue - Alasia Boutique Hotel Lemesos
  2. Chrielka Hotel - Wedding Venue - Chrielka Hotel Lemesos
  3. Continental Hotel - Lemesos - Wedding Venue - Continental Hotel - Lemesos Lemesos
  4. Curium Palace Hotel - Wedding Venue - Curium Palace Hotel Lemesos
  5. Ikaros Hotel - Wedding Venue - Ikaros Hotel Lemesos
  6. Kanika Pantheon Hotel - Wedding Venue - Kanika Pantheon Hotel Lemesos
  7. Le Village Hotel - Wedding Venue - Le Village Hotel Lemesos
  8. Lordos Hotel - Wedding Venue - Lordos Hotel Lemesos
  9. Luxor Hotel - Wedding Venue - Luxor Hotel Lemesos
  10. Metropole Hotel - Wedding Venue - Metropole Hotel Lemesos
  11. Oratis Beach Hall - Wedding Venue - Oratis Beach Hall Lemesos
  12. Themis House - Wedding Venue - Themis House Lemesos

Wedding Trivia:
A Swedish bride puts a silver coin from her father and a gold coin from her mother in each shoe to ensure that she'll never do without.