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Tim John Hoy
TPS Photos & Frames
8 Stoneridge
SK13 1PB Map link for TPS Photos & Frames

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Tadhg Photographic Services comprises of TPS Photos, TPS Frames, TPS Art and TPS Web design.

Operating on the principle of a workers' cooperative, the 25 photographers at TPS photos pride ourselves in taking contemporary and candid shots of people at their best - when they are relaxed and happy. Tim is the founder member of TPS and takes great pride in ensuring that his relationship with the bride and groom is as personal and up front as can be. This leads to natural looking images for use in our comprehensive range of albums, canvas prints or on a slideshow DVD. If you are amongst the majority of people who don't like having your photograph taken, then we are the photographers for you. We offer tips on how to relax in front of the lens so that you can forget about the camera and leave the picture taking to us. Hence our other title "the invisible photographers"

Our greatest strengths: Relationship with clients. Reliability - No disasters to date and no customers who we would worry about using for a reference/referral. Working in pairs at weddings to ensure continuity and candid shot opportunities are maximised. With so many photographers within the cooperative of TPS, we have a number of other benefits - such as 8 different languages spoken fluently - including British Sign Language, although the latter is very difficult to convey when trying to capture images at the same time.

I have been in photography: since January 1981.

How I got started in photography: Apart from an interest as a child playing with dad's rangefinder, I was formally trained by the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm Photographic Department, whilst serving in the submarine service. The MOD(N) used to purchase Leica's and unscrew the lens and thrown them in an old drawer, attaching a brass plate instead of the beautiful lens to allow pictures to be taken via a £1.5 million "lens" AKA the search periscope! The dark room was a toilet with masking tape around the doors to keep out extraneous light. At 6' 2" tall, it must have been an interesting sight, seeing me balance an enlarger on my lap in such unorthodox and cramped conditions. Sadly, I was the only one on board taking any pictures back then, so I have to rely on strangely fond memories.

My photographic skills: With such a diverse number of photographers "on the books" we have come to recognise what each of us is best at. My favourite subjects are people - up close and personal. A good candid head shot remains my most successful area both in terms of income and satisfied client feedback.

My personality: Gregarious, direct and generous.

Geographic areas I cover: With the increasing price of fuel and the need to be more considerate about the environment, I am actually striving to work less far afield than has been the case historically. Since 1981 I have shot in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, the Bahamas, USA, Canada and all over Europe. We have a one-stop wedding shop in Zeeburg, Holland in partnership with Nico Van Zanden, a member of the cooperative who organises events (weddings for us) on canal boats. His family and close friends are dress makers, caterers, cake makers and florists. His business contacts include a keyboard player whose little black book has around 1000 musicians at his disposal for gigs. TPS is based in London and we do aim to focus on clients within the M25 wherever possible, although we don't always achieve our ecological goals.

Venues I frequently attend: Anywhere that has ample natural light. Sir Christopher Wren's House in Windsor is a terrific venue with a lovely glass-roofed civic reception room. Perfect.

I found inspiration from: Anyone whose contributions to a conversation makes me think.

Favourite UK-based image makers - Richard Bailey, Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell, Hugh Hill, Michael Shilling, Tom Ivory, Marta Demartini, Richard Walton, Nedine O'Brien, Jon Jenkins, Zoe Richardson, Crash Taylor, and Annabel Williams (half of them are members of SWPP).

Success in photography: I'm not a very competitive person and I'm sure that this has lost me a number of opportunities over the years. I've entered just one competition (a charity event supported by Princess Diana for the Royal Brompton Hospital). I managed to get two images published in the competition. One of my images ended up on Rankin's mantelpiece (no I didn't sneak it in there - it was up when I went round) which I suppose is a bit of an accolade. Come to think of it, he still owes me a roll of film.

Photographic training: Apart from the Royal Navy, for the 25+ years that followed was self-taught. Upon joining SWPP however I started to take a more structured course to training, taking advantage of the members' training days on offer by the Society and the plethora of classes and business school at their hugely popular (and sociable) annual conventions. I will be teaching a Masterclass at the 2012 convention. Take a look at the programme for something that might interest you. Some of the other cooperative photographers (about half of whom are also SWPP members) have degrees in photography and licentiateship-associate levels within professional bodies (RPS, MPA) but I'm too busy making a living most of the time to study for something that doesn't seem to make a difference with most clients. A bride who is enraptured about her wedding images is likely to say how lovely or professional they look. I've yet to hear clients who are that animated about their wedding photographers having initials after their names. I do keep thinking that I should embark on this route, but it's not a very high priority after over 30 years of doing it without much accreditation.

My interests outside photography: Disability Rights Advocacy. Worm breeding (vermicomposting). Playing and listening to live music. Cycling.

Major events: Too many to list. Life is good though and I consider myself to be the luckiest person on the planet.

Testimonials: See our web site - it's full of them.

Why I like the SWPP BPPA: The cost of joining SWPP has been paid for several times over by the work it has generated for TPS. We always ask clients where they heard of us and feel that people trust SWPP to provide them with photographers they can rely on to do a professional job. The Societies - SWPP forum is the most useful tool I have encountered in securing reliable feedback on everything from advertising to image enhancement software. An example is one problem I encountered with trying to pay for copyright of a song I used o a client's wedding DVD slideshow. We normally use our own material so that we own what we supply, but where they want an "our tune" then historically this has been a very long-winded activity trying to get it legally sorted. A post on the forum put me in touch with a great solution to this - something I would have paid dearly for. Of all the organisations and directories I have signed up to SWPP/BPPA outshines them all.

Tagline: Nothing without consent.

Future plans: To make sure whatever I do in photography, the first rule of TPS must be satisfied. It has to be FUN.

And finally: I think I've probably said quite enough already thank you.

Tim Hoy is a Wedding Photographer

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