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Monday 27th September 2021


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Dimitrios Vastarouchas

mobile:- +30 693 700 2669


Specialist Photographer for :-
Portrait photography

Type business: Semi Professional

My photographic style: Cultural, artistic

My greatest strengths: Technical knowledge, equipment, possibility to travel worldwide, my own studio

I have been in photography: Since 2000

How I got started in photography: In 1995 I joined a shipping company and used to travel very often in order to carry out inspections, surveys etc. That time I came in contact with many people & cultures and realized that I wanted to keep these icons for ever. In 2000, while I was in Korea for a new building project, I attended courses via Internet and bought my first serious equipment.

My photographic skills: As concerns photography, I have experimented with lighting and I am very strict with human expressions. I am not impressed easily, the opposite happens, it is very difficult to accept a photo. I do not know if this is good or bad. Anyhow, I have also the physical strength to attend an expedition.

My personality: Adventurous, consistent & enthusiastic. However, I need challenges. Two reasons that I am not full time professional:

1. I can not repeat the same things e.g. wedding, common portraits, usual architecture, ordinary wildlife etc. I am looking for challenges in all fields

2. Time. My main work is too demanding and it is not easy to allocate time as I wise. It should be a good challenge to do so

Geographic areas I cover: If there is an interest, all the world

Venues I frequently attend: From my studio to the dessert, it depends from the subject. I can not attend ordinary meetings & conferences; I have plenty in my work, so me mercy!!

I found inspiration from: First of all a face or body expression. I adore theatrical scenes in studio and authentic scenes outdoors. At next, a colourful landscape or an attractive building

Success in photography: I am not involved with competitions. I send some photos in the past to SWPP only and three times my photos published in Image Maker.

Photographic training: Mainly, NYC Institute courses via internet, seminars etc

My interests outside photography: I am going to publish my first novel within next 3 months. Beyond my job (I am Deputy COO and Technical Director in a big shipping company), I like travelling, sports (extreme sometimes), theatre and most of all my studies with History of Arts

Major events: As I mentioned above, I study History of Arts, specifically I attend annual courses from various colleges and workshops, and same time I try to travel in Europe to see masterpieces and Art Work. Of course, due to my job, I visit Asia and other places often for deals etc. My wife is interior designer, so we often have the chance to discuss about architecture & colour, taking photos from her projects which is quite interesting

Testimonials: I could say positive

Why I like the SWPP: You are well organized, covering fields of interest. You provide the opportunity for further improvement, participation in competitions, an excellent magazine and experience feedback exchange through annual conference, forum & interest articles

Tagline: Challenge me. What is difficult to be done? I will do it

Future plans: When I will feel ready & satisfied from my photos, I would like to exhibit my work.

I also have an idea to combine photography with poetry. A kind of book that would have photos with strong expressions and text or poem to describe what I feel looking at this

And finally: Only to thank you for your good efforts

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