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Sunday 21st October 2018  


Epirus Wedding Venues

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  1. ACROPOLIS Hotel - Hotel Thesprotia - ACROPOLIS Hotel Epirus
  2. ACROTHEA Hotel - Hotel Parga - ACROTHEA Hotel Epirus
  3. AKTAEON Hotel - Hotel Thesprotia - AKTAEON Hotel Epirus
  4. Amalia Hotel Margarona - Hotel - Lakeside Hotel - Amalia Hotel Margarona Epirus
  5. Bacoli Hotel - Hotel - 3 Star Hotel - Bacoli Hotel Epirus
  6. Epirus Lux Palace Hotel Greece - Hotel - 5 Hotel - Epirus Lux Palace Hotel Greece Epirus
  7. Hotel 1800 - Hotel - Small Luxury Hotel - Hotel 1800 Epirus
  8. Hotel Paradise - Hotel in Parga - Hotel Paradise Epirus
  9. Oriana Boutique Hotel - Hotel - Boutique Hotel - Oriana Boutique Hotel Epirus
  10. Rosanea Hotel - Hotel - Boutique Hotel - Rosanea Hotel Epirus

Wedding Trivia:
The oldest recorded bride was Minnie Munro, who got hitched at a sprightly 102 years of age. Minnie, from Australia, wed a toy boy of 82. Britain's oldest recorded bride was just one day off her 100th birthday when she took her vows with a man nearly 20 years her junior. Apparently the age gap was not thought to be a problem for them.