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Thursday 13th December 2018  


Epirus Wedding Venues

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  1. ACROPOLIS Hotel - Hotel Thesprotia - ACROPOLIS Hotel Epirus
  2. ACROTHEA Hotel - Hotel Parga - ACROTHEA Hotel Epirus
  3. AKTAEON Hotel - Hotel Thesprotia - AKTAEON Hotel Epirus
  4. Amalia Hotel Margarona - Hotel - Lakeside Hotel - Amalia Hotel Margarona Epirus
  5. Bacoli Hotel - Hotel - 3 Star Hotel - Bacoli Hotel Epirus
  6. Epirus Lux Palace Hotel Greece - Hotel - 5 Hotel - Epirus Lux Palace Hotel Greece Epirus
  7. Hotel 1800 - Hotel - Small Luxury Hotel - Hotel 1800 Epirus
  8. Hotel Paradise - Hotel in Parga - Hotel Paradise Epirus
  9. Oriana Boutique Hotel - Hotel - Boutique Hotel - Oriana Boutique Hotel Epirus
  10. Rosanea Hotel - Hotel - Boutique Hotel - Rosanea Hotel Epirus

Wedding Trivia:
In parts of Europe during the 14th contrary, having a piece of the bride's clothing was thought to bring good luck. Guests would literally destroy the brides dress by ripping off pieces of fabric. In order to prevent this, brides began throwing various items to the guests - the garter belt being one of the items.In order to avoid this problem, it became customary in the 14th century for the bride to toss her garter to the men. Sometimes the men would get drunk, become impatient, and try to remove the garter ahead of time. Therefore, the custom evolved for the groom to remove and toss the garter. With that change the bride started to toss the bridal bouquet to the unwed girls of marriageable age. Tradition says that whoever catches the bouquet shall be the next to marry. She keeps the bouquet to ensure this destiny.