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LefkadaSWPP Wedding Venues

Tuesday 30th August 2016  


Lefkada Wedding Venues

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  1. Adriatica Hotel - Hotel - Adriatica Hotel Lefkada
  2. Eleana Hotel - Hotel - Eleana Hotel Lefkada
  3. Hotel Alexandros - Hotel - Hotel Alexandros Lefkada
  4. Hotel Lefkas Blue Residence - Hotel - Hotel Lefkas Blue Residence Lefkada
  5. Hotel Nikiana Beach - Hotel - Hotel Nikiana Beach Lefkada
  6. Hotel Nydrio Beach Nidri - Hotel - Hotel Nydrio Beach Nidri Lefkada
  7. Hotel Sofia - Hotel - Hotel Sofia Lefkada
  8. Hotel Tesoro - Hotel - Hotel Tesoro Lefkada
  9. Philippos Hotel - Hotel - Philippos Hotel Lefkada
  10. Porto Galini Beach Resort & Spa Hotel - Hotel - Porto Galini Beach Resort & Spa Hotel Lefkada
  11. Thalero Hotel - Hotel - Thalero Hotel Lefkada

Wedding Trivia:
The tradition of tying tin cans to the back of the newlywed's vehicle originated long ago when items which would produce noise were tied to the back of the couple's carriage to scare away evil spirits.