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ParosSWPP Wedding Venues

Saturday 15th December 2018  


Paros Wedding Venues

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  1. Argonauta Hotel - Hotel - Family Run Hotel - Argonauta Hotel Paros
  2. Christina Paros Hotel - Hotel - Family Run Hotel - Christina Paros Hotel Paros
  3. Cyclades Hotel & Studios - Hotel in Save - Cyclades Hotel & Studios Paros
  4. Hotel Anthippi - Hotel - Guest House - Hotel Anthippi Paros
  5. Hotel Nikolas - Hotel in Parika - Hotel Nikolas Paros
  6. Kouros Hotel - Hotel- Beachfront Hotel - Kouros Hotel Paros
  7. Parian Village Beach Hotel - Hotel - Beach Hotel - Parian Village Beach Hotel Paros
  8. Poseidon of Paros - Hotel Paros - Poseidon of Paros Paros
  9. Zefi Hotel - Hotel in Alonia - Zefi Hotel Paros

Wedding Trivia:
Engagement Rings
The practice of giving or exchanging engagement rings began in 1477 when Roman Emperor, Maximilian I, gave Mary of Burgandy a diamond ring as an engagement present.