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Getting Married - Wedding Venues Lesbos

LesbosSWPP BPPA Wedding Venues

Thursday 25th August 2016  


Lesbos Wedding Venues

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  1. Aeolis Hotel - Hotel - Aeolis Hotel Lesbos
  2. Alma Hotel - Hotel - Alma Hotel Lesbos
  3. Belvedere Hotel Lesvos - Hotel - Belvedere Hotel Lesvos Lesbos
  4. Clara Hotel - Hotel - Clara Hotel Lesbos
  5. Hotel Aegeon - Hotel - Hotel Aegeon Lesbos
  6. Imerti Resort Hotel - Hotel - Imerti Resort Hotel Lesbos
  7. Michaelia Hotel - Hotel - Michaelia Hotel Lesbos
  8. Panselinos Hotel - Hotel - Panselinos Hotel Lesbos
  9. Sea Horse Hotel - Hotel - Sea Horse Hotel Lesbos

Wedding Trivia:
Today, prior to a Jewish wedding ceremony, it is the groom who ritually "veils the bride". This tradition goes back to the marriage of Jacob to Leah (the older sister) when he thought he was marrying Rachel (the younger sister) whom he loved.