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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


This was Lisa's fourth year speaking at the Convention and she was as keen as ever to share the knowledge that she has learnt with other photographers: 'I see giving Masterclasses as a chance to hopefully help people avoid some of the mistakes we've made. And I suppose because I really love what I do, I want to get everybody else enthusiastic about photography as well.' I asked Lisa what she hoped that participants took away from her workshops at the Convention. 'That the business side is as important as the photography side. Most of the people I know who have had to give up photography, was because the business planning wasn't there from the start.' That was a sound reason to attend the Business School on Convention 2014.


Lisa's studio also has a large impact on the look of her boudoir and portrait shoots. Originally a Quaker Meeting House, the studio retains all the original features including old beams and leaded windows. 'We're really lucky because some people have to build sets but we've just got it as part of our studio!' But the downside to having such a beautiful place to work is that Lisa and Phill live in the converted Meeting House alongside their studio space and office. 'It means that we can work late and be flexible as to when we meet clients, but you do have to be disciplined to shut the computer down and walk away from it. We're not always brilliant at it but we do try to make sure we have one full day a week off when the computer doesn't even get started.'

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