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by Lindsay Dobson Published 01/06/2014


Tell me a bit about yourself

I'm a location portrait photographer based in West Sussex. My work takes place in homes, gardens, fields, beaches and anywhere which is favourable to photography. I'm a life sciences graduate and I used to work in the scientific field, but I always craved a more creative outlet. I'd been an amateur photographer for several years before taking the plunge and becoming a full time professional in 2009.

What drew you towards animal photography?

I've always liked interacting with pets and animals so I knew this was a genre I would enjoy. As a portrait photographer it's possible to carry over a similar style and methodology to animal portraiture, so it was a natural progression. I enjoy variety in my work because that helps me to stay creative - it also helps if the work you do is fun. Interesting or quirky photographs of animals, whether wildlife or pets, can make attractive and unusual art pieces - in that regard animal photography doesn't always have to result from commissioned work.


How does animal portraiture differ from taking pictures of people?

My work is almost entirely location-based and often I'll find myself at someone's private home. It's reasonable to expect that a fair proportion of people will have a pet, or perhaps several pets. They might even keep livestock or horses. I think it makes a lot of sense to include those animals within the session if you can, I can virtually guarantee that those photographs will be purchased alongside the family portraits. It can take just a few moments to capture an informal relaxed photo of owners interacting with their animals. In this regard, photographing pets is relatively straightforward.

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