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by Clive Figes Published 01/06/2014


The images I create are born from an idea and so I do the make-up and hairstyling for my models as I see it unfold. I create whole sets for the shoots that I organise with them. I never lose sight of the team that both the model and I make together as we share a common aim to create amazing images. I worked with Richard Walton supplying models and he noticed that I treated them with the utmost respect and how this resulted in respect for me. I believe you should treat your models as you would like to be treated yourself and respect them as your equal. There is a combined responsibility for the shoot and the images created between you ... an unhappy models shows, and a happy model glows.


I do hope you enjoy my images and I only hope that you may be inspired to create your own. I am just an ordinary guy living with his 47-year-old obsession - photography.

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