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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


partnership that was recently announced as she has been a WPPI member for some time. 'It's really good to see other photographers work and look at the variations in images from country to country. Styles vary depending on where people are from and it's nice to be exposed to that and even let those trends influence your work.' Many people are talking about the image competitions that the WPPI run and there seems to be an excited buzz amongst SWPP members about the prospect of entering them. 'There is stiff competition in the WPPI; you're competing against huge numbers of other photographers on a global stage which makes winning awards a great achievement.

Their annual convention in Las Vegas is also on my hit list of things to do in the future too!' I'm sure that Claire won't be alone in thinking about the exciting prospect of flying to Las Vegas for the annual convention; it's almost certain that there will from now on be a large SWPP contingent attending!

Pose for them and they will pose for you

Claire's unique style is very much tied in to the kinds of posing that she uses. 'I love beautiful posing and that's one of the reasons I'm so looking forward to doing the talk at the Societies' Convention in 2015'.

Getting your subjects to pose exactly how you want while making it look completely effortless can be one of the hardest parts of shooting formally posed images.


The Masterclass that Claire is giving will see delegates learn to pose themselves so that they can show their clients what a great pose looks like. 'You should demonstrate what you want your clients to do because people will mirror you! If you've never done it yourself then you won't have the confidence to get them to do it. Some of the best poses don't feel natural and clients feel really odd doing them but if they see it's going to look good then they will trust you.'

Getting your subjects to trust you during a portrait session or a wedding can be the absolute key to getting great pictures. 'The camera can be an ogre to a lot of people and they can be very nervous of it. Making it fun and showing that you're also willing to pose and have a go can help to break down the anxiety that some clients can have.' Claire's Masterclass should be on the list for anyone who wants to expand their wedding toolbox beyond the technical skills. Learning to laugh with people to help them relax is an essential talent that all wedding and portrait photographs should have.

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