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by Alan Hutchison Published 01/06/2014


Newborn photography has always been Nicolas goal and she has worked hardto teach herself all the skills needed in order to make this the focus of herbusiness. 'I remember seeing an image of a teeny newborn in a cowboy booton Flickr and I knew at that moment that newborn photography would be mypassion. It seems daft now, but that image was key in my career path!'


It has been important to Nicola to develop a style that is recognisable, givingher a unique selling point and the edge on other photographers. Producingimages that are different is something that Nicola strives for every time shepicks up her camera. Qualifications too are another area where Nicola believesthat she is leading the way and she is one of the few associate-qualifiedphotographers in the newborn field.

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1st Published 01/06/2014
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