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by Scott Johnson Published 25/10/2017


Why is The Societies of Photographers Convention such a big deal for photographers?
It’s everything. My most favourite time of the year! Photography can be a very solitary job, and I think it’s important to come to London and spend a few days with likeminded people. The networking alone at the trade show (and bar) is worth the tip alone, not to mention the amazing speakers, and print competition!

Is it primarily about the chance to learn from the experiences of imaging icons?
Yes, 100%. My first convention I saw Jerry Ghionis, and after spending nearly a year on his Ice Society - it was amazing to see him speak live - his energy is infections, and just what I needed going into my first full year self-employed. Even now, I still make the time to see the amazing speakers SWPP lines up - last year, Luke and David Edmonson.

Your own mentors (living or dead)?
I’ve been very lucky to have had a few mentors over the time, but it was Kevin Wilson that helped me gain my first Fellowship, and we remain very close still.

Who today is leading the way in creative social photography and why?
There are so many amazing social photographers out there, it’s hard to name them all!

If you could pick just FIVE seminars (other than your own of course!) to attend at The Societies of Photographers Convention whose workshops would you attend?
No1 - James Musselwhite. This guy is AWESOME! A talented speaker and incredible photographer.
No2 - David Bastioni - David has won WPPI’s wedding album of the year on many occasions, this is a must for any Wedding Photographer to get inside his head for two hours
No3 - Audrey Kelly - Audrey’s images are incredible, and her post-production skills are out of this world. Again, I’d love to know here thought process, so a must!
No4 - Julia Boggio - She is a marketing genius!
No5 - The Yerburys. Enough said. These guys have forgotten more things than I’ll EVER know about photography.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the industry?
I think VR might play a big part in photography. With technology expanding at a huge pace, it’s really hard to see what might come next!

Would you want your own children to take up the reins of your empire (or have they)?
My daughter is 4 and has her own camera, and I’d love it if she wanted to help me once she is older, but I’ll encourage her to forge her own path, or do whatever she wants in life.

Your plans for the next five years?
Still working on the ‘charge more do less’ approach, but hopefully some more speaking and training. I’ve taken so much since 2006, it’s time I started giving back!

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