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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


The user has control over which parameters are synchronised 82

At this stage you can synchronise in three ways:

1. With the first image selected and adjusted, select the other images (select all, CRTL-Click for individual images or shift click at the bottom of the stack) and then click the Synchronise button.

2. Select all the images at the outset then make the adjustments, which will automatically be applied to all selected images.

3. Adjust the first image then select all, then hit Synchronise and check the parameters you wish to include from the check list.

Now, when you hit 'Done' all the changes are committed and saved to the XMP/sidecar file for storage. You may also open all the images directly from this stage; alternatively you could go back to Bridge at a later time and, for example, Batch process the files, which will honour the setting contained in the XMP file - note that the settings also include cropping although globally cropping would be a little unusual, but you can manually intervene on each image.

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