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by Andrew Dobell Published 01/10/2015


20. How many 'creative' images do you makein a year?
Somewhere between 50 and 100, I think.

21. Do you work on series of images or panelsof images or are they solo?
Again, it depends. It's a mix really.

22. Tell us about your chosen image, why itwas made, how many elements/images,how long to prepare, what did you tryand then reject, how many layers did youemploy?
My chosen image is perhaps my most well knownimage, and also one of my earliest creative composites.This came to be as part of a shoot with two great cosplayers, the pose was actually their idea, and is basedon the work of a comic-book artist. This was shot at acomic-book convention in London with one bare flashon the floor of the ExCell Centre.And even now it's still one of my favourite images.

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