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by Christopher Azzopardi Published 01/08/2010



I always edit my images. I approach photography in the same way I approach a white canvas or a piece of clay. More often than not I have an exact idea in my mind about how the image is going to look when finished and I try to do most of my work during the photo shoot. I believe that a good photographer should always use good lighting, interesting locations and good composition. Even though I take care of all these elements in the photo shoot it is not always possible to find a perfect location. In Photoshop I fix all the elements that in my opinion are hindering the image. I also arrange the tones and colour to create the mood that I want.

For me the editing phase is a very important time because it is during this time that I attach myself with the image. I believe that my intervention during the editing phase is what elevates my images to works of art. This does not mean that one cannot create artistic photos without editing, but for me, editing serves as a bridge between painting and photography.

Even in painting I used to paint with my own fingers rather than brushes to have more direct contact with what I'm doing.

In spite of the fact that I have succeeded in various competitions, I am always open to new experiences and new learning opportunities, because I believe that an artist will never stop learning.

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