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by Art Suwansang Published 01/06/2012


The New Hardware

The focus here will be on two new colorimeters recently released by X-Rite called the ColorMunki Display and the i1Display Pro. ColorMunki Display follows in the footsteps of the successful professional level color spectrophotometer called the "ColorMunki Photo." The ColorMunki Display is designed to work for both serious enthusiast and professional photographers who want an automated colour workflow solution. The i1Display Pro, on the other hand, is the new entrylevel professional colour workflow solution, designed for serious professional photographers, editors and prepress publishers who demand the best colour accuracy and full control over their colour workflow solutions. (One of the major differences between the two systems is that the i1 Display has the ability to audit the resulting outcome either statistically or (for the number-phobic) with a before-after picture. (The peace of mind this brings is worth the price difference! Ed)


These new devices are enclosed in a new body design that is compact, durable and very easy to use (fig. 01). Even better is a brand new lens and filter design enclosed in this new hardware that makes this device future proof against any emerging display and projector technologies. Future compatibility will be offered via software update from the manufacturer.

They both have a nice and convenient built-in lens cover that serves three purposes; to protect the lens when it is not in use; serves as a diffusion lens cover for ambient light measurement in the closed position (fig. 02); and works as a stand for projector profiling (fig. 03). This cover can pivot about the device to reveal the lens for display and projector profiling.

The USB cord along with the adjustable counterweight is built into the device, as well as a tripod mount for projector profiling in larger rooms (fig. 04). What they have produced is a perfect all-in-one solution for both studio operation and photographers on the road.

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