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Published 01/08/2007

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How did you get started in photography?

Like many others I started out with a Zenith E 35mm film camera way back in the mid 1970's. So what prompted me to take up photography? Well I'm not really sure, it was just a feeling that I wanted to capture moments of my life to look back on. As a child my family had not really taken photos and that's something I really miss today. I think it's really important to have those memories to look back on and to hand on to the next generation.

Would you say that shooting weddings and portraits is a good career choice if you want to make money?

I've not looked at capturing images as a great way to make money. For me it's more of a passion

Did you have a 'lucky break' like many other successful photographers?

I've worked hard to get to the position I'm in today. I guess my "Lucky Break" is the enjoyment I get using my camera.
Which other photographers have you found inspirational?

I love the work of Ansel Adams

Is there a huge marketing effort required to generate the correct of good business or do you rely on word of mouth?

I do a little marketing but rely on recommendation mainly

Do you shoot what you feel is best for your clients or do you allow some to clearly define what they want?

It's always a negotiation. It's impossible to expect every client to know what they want so I'll always offer some artistic options which they can choose if they want

So how do you make sure it's yours that is commissioned above any of your competitors?

Word of mouth is the best way and of course making sure I produce the very best quality images I am capable of

How would you best describe your personal style or technique of photography?

Open artistic and dynamic What things do you most enjoy about your job: Taking the pictures is the best part although seeing the results printed and framed comes very close second

What are the most difficult things about your job?

Balancing work / life. it seems like I always have a camera in my hand!

When is the busiest time of the year for your business?

Late Summer and Spring usually How much of your workflow is digital:

I use digital cameras and process the raw files on a Mac and use digital printing for the output. So my workflow is digital end to end.

What advantages does digital offer you?

I have full control of the image quality and can reproduce images accurately time after time.

What generally is in your kit bag?

Canon EOS 5D SLR, 70-200mm and 24-105 zoom lenses, Flash gun, Spare bateries, Spare CompactFlash Cards

What prompted you to buy the camera of you choice?

Quality, Ease of use, Feel

From a technical point of view which areas of work could be improved upon?

I'd like to produce some really great landscapes and perhaps replicate a "Lomo" look

What do think the future holds for you?

A fun and fulfilling time dealing with new people and offering them a great service.

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