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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2010


We measured the gamut volume as higher than the specification. At 1,454,356 it is about 14% greater than Adobe RGB. We also noted that it completely encompassed the gamut of FOGRA 27

The statistics, then, are good, but as with other monitors we found that the reference contract proof was not matched between screen and viewing booth. For the Eizo we found that the red of the tracksuit did not match but the cyan-blues did match a reverse of the findings with the SpectraView we tested in June. On our own system a LaCie CRT with good statistics matched the reds but not the cyan-blues, they lacked saturation. As far as we could tell the print matched the image colour data (97% cyan; 1% magenta; 21% yellow; 14% black). There were no closely matched colours in the monitor validation swatch sets, the closest being the Macbeth cyan swatch but even this was some 15 Lab points away. It seems that our test is very stern!


The Canon advertisement below contains a very high cyan colour underneath the headline 'Let's Play' and it proved to be the most difficult to match screen to print. The press output was a good match. The graph shows how the rich cyan was not tested during the validation procedure of ColorNavigator. The entire cyan field is under-represented in the swatches that are tested. The nearest came from the Macbeth cyan in another test altogether and is shown to the right and a little up from the large cyan circle, representing the colour of the Canon advert. The red of the tracksuit (red circle) is, however, represented quite closely in the test data. The plot also shows how much more the saturation values are tested with the ColorNavigator compared with the Macbeth swatch set which are predominantly in-board of them (ie closer to the origin of the plot the neutral, 0:0 point).


This is an impressive monitor and should be high on the list of possibles for photographers looking for precision in their colours. A perfect match of colours across from screen to contract proof was not achieved but we have certainly made progress in that direction, along with quite a lot of refinement to our characterisation testing - we're getting there slowly!

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1st Published 01/02/2010
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