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The Media Choices Under the printer drop-down there are 22 options, of which, 12 are gloss or lustre. Whilst all the art papers may be selected from the drop-down, the Advanced Black and White is greyed out if Photo Black is resident in the printer. The paper names are a little confusing to the newcomer and you have to be very precise on your word order when discussing these papers! For example, Premium Semigloss and Premium Semimatte might appear to occupy the same position between a matte surface and a gloss surface - not so, they are slightly different papers - Semimatte is optically brightened, Semigloss is not. Thrown into the mix we then have Premium Luster (or should it be Lustre?) which is between matte and gloss but has a higher level of texture than Semimatte or Semigloss. In addition you have Proofing Semimatte and four other gloss surfaces. Then you need to know if the surface coating is microporous or swellable polymer (yes, Colorlife is also still around!). You also need to be aware that metamerism is different between the surface paper type - certainly with UltraChrome - we are still uncertain about K3! We have not yet even started to consider the paper weights and size availability yet. What a complex world we live in, so many papers and so little time to test them!


In terms of colour all eight papers are slightly cool (blue), four are enhanced with OBAs (see table) four apparently not. The composite image mixes ultra violet light and daylight so that the relative effect of the OBA activity can be seen. The swatch book is arranged so that if you read it like a page of text you track down the properties table.

"...the combination of high gloss, rich blacks, open highlights and detail - was quite outstanding, unquestionably the best that this reviewer has ever seen off any printer..."

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