Lastolite EzyBox Review - part 1 of 1

Published 01/02/2007

Harsh light from a direct portable battery flash is now something from the past with Lastolite's EzyBox

The EzyBox is available in two sizes - 38cm x 38cm and 60cm x 60cm,

Folding flat the EzyBox Hotshoe easy to store when not in use and can be reassembled in minutes.

The EzyBox is available in two sizes 38cm x 38cm (15" x 15" and 60cm x 60cm (24" x 24")

It is ideal for location shooting and can be used both in and outdoors.

It also offers an adjustable bracket for different sized flash guns.

Providing soft light to reduce shadows it is a must for the photographer who wishes to achieve soft appearing light.

There is also a range of useful accessories available for the Lastolite EzyBox

Ezybox Hotshoe 38cm x 38cm (15" x 15" 2438

Ezybox Hotshoe 60cm x 60cm (24" x 24") 2462

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1st Published 01/02/2007
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