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by Chris Phillips Published 01/08/2007


Finally he talks about the attitude of young people in general towards the staff of the Fire and Rescue Services. "They rebel against people who wear uniforms, I don't understand them because if they burn a car, for example, they're creating a dangerous situation for the public and fire fighters who work to save people's lives." For this reason, one of the main tasks of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service is teaching young people the value of their profession and about fire safety. Not forgetting the adults, of course - when did you last check your smoke alarm? Modern D-SLRs melt at 600°C - believe me I know from bitter experience.

Chris Phillips builds a story in just the same way as a news photographer. Here a crane has toppled over the dockside in Liverpool. The rescue services have first secured the vehicle to the dockside to prevent further slippage; the Mammoth Crane was luckily in the dock and was towed across to assist. In the second shot the 'extrication' of the injured driver is underway. In the rescue, teamwork is vital and the hats denote who is who; white for the officers-in-charge, yellow for the fire-fighters, and blue-green for the doctors. The flying squad doctor is providing specialist medical assistance to the rescue crew as they complete the extrication. The story had a happy ending; the driver was rescued and eventually made a full recovery.


Opposite: an unusual occurrence as two Combined Platform Ladders are brought into action. Merseyside has three of these sophisticated pieces of kit, the third was in operation on the other side of the blaze.

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