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Published 01/10/2017


Judgement Day
The Societies (including The SWPP) enjoy a close working relationship with the WPPI (the US-based Wedding and Portrait Photographers International organisation) with a number of UK Print Competition entries being sent to Las Vegas to also be judged in the WPPI competition.

Says Terrie: “Both organisations employ a rigorous and highly professional judging procedure – which is always held in public.

The Societies has a ‘bank’ of over 30 world-class judges from across the globe that form our panels. And they sit in judgement in three rooms for two full days at The Convention in January each year.”

The first thing judges seek in an image is impact. They make an initial assessment as to whether the print is worth a Merit score (80 or above). All Merit winning prints will go into the exhibition. Any entrant scoring less than 70 is deemed to be below competition standard. 70-74 is deemed average. 75-70 is above average. Above the merit category images are ranked ‘excellent’, ‘outstanding’ or ‘exceptional’.

Explains Terrie: “It is vital that photographers can come and see for themselves how their work is judged. Thus, they can note the skill sets it takes to gain merit status and above. They can sit through judgings and listen to the critiques and comments on all the elements that judges look for in a compelling image; including composition, colour balance, posing etc. The images are judged, including the mount and border….and entrants can clearly see what they must do to push their own boundaries. This competition really sets the standard now and every single picture is treated with ‘white glove’ care from the moment it drops on our mat in Wales.”

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