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by Tom Lee Published 01/04/2017


I finally got my hands on a demo version at my regular supplier, Cambrian Photography in Colwyn Bay (almost 50 miles away). The cameras are still rare beasts so I could only use it on the premises, but they have a fully equipped studio where I could be let loose to my heart’s content. I took my son along to act as model and fired off some shots on my XT2 for comparison purposes. Setting the studio up and repeating the shots on the GFX was a real eye opener, even looking at the images on the back of camera viewer.

As I already own the XT1 and XT2, the control functions were somewhat intuitive even without having read the manual. The buttons are slightly re-arranged as you might expect with a few new quirks such as a touch screen for replay viewing and spot focusing (like on your phone camera) and a second LCD on the top plate with picture-taking information and battery-life indicator. The screen is larger at 3.2” instead of 3” on the XT2 and it has a removable prism finder.

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