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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2014


As we would expect the audit tones are biased down towards blue and this shows most in the skin tone set. In contrast, though, the errors in the HiGAM patch set are highest in the Lightness channel and the saturation holds up very well (a ΔC/w of -0.35, ie 0.35% desaturated only). This is backed by a high gamut volume (in excess of the one million mark) and a high Dmax.

The gamut space exceeds that of sRGB in the cyan, cyangreen, yellow, orange and some of the red portions of the spectrum and again this is good shooting!



We test printed using an Epson 4900 using ABW settings of Dark/Neutral/PSgPP. The metamerism of the ABW print rose slightly as did the Dmax. Overall though, the Dmax is very high and the metamerism very low. The 50% aim patch delivered 54% lightness and so a setting of Darker is called for to deliver colourimetric accuracy, although test proofing might lead the photographer elsewhere - it's all a matter of taste! The print presented itself as slightly warm. The whites started at base media values of around 8 points blue but the ink started to take over until the darker tones were slightly warm, but against the cool background they appear a little warmer still. However, the effect is both very slight and pleasant. In any case an 8-10 point adjustment in the ABW settings could be used to cool things down a little if required.

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