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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2012


The Granger Chart from our own profiles were very much smoother (left-hand image). There is a shieldshaped area (right arrow) in the greens which is a discontinuity, along with a couple of linear stretches arrowed left in the cyan-green and blue-green interfaces. The charts will have suffered some distortion due to magazine printing.

The effect of changing from the web profile to a tuned bespoke profile is very dramatic and shows just what the paper is capable of.


As well as the technical stuff we also made real prints. This image of Paul Gallagher's was made using the tuned profile which smashed the accuracy record. Naturally it was absolutely flawless. There is an added depth afforded by the ultra-smooth surface along with a hike in the Dmax. As with all the baryta-like materials we tested for this series, the monochrome performance was extremely good.


The FibaPrint paper range are well up to the standard of other papers in this class, you just need to ensure that you get a profile sorted for toplevel performance. We will return to the matter in a later issue of the magazine.

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