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by Art Suwansang Published 01/06/2011


The other two elements that we can manually control here are the Lens Vignetting, which yields additional vignetting refinements in the corner areas of the image to emphasize further the light fall-off effect, or reverse it completely using the quantity slider. Below this is the Midpoint slider, where you can now control the distance of the vignetting from the edge to the centre of the image. We can then come in and individually refine the Chromatic Aberration correction with the red/cyan and blue/yellow sliders to localise the alteration effect. And lastly, there's a new "de-fringe" selection box, which gives you the option to have this advanced chromatic aberration algorithm turned off, apply the correction only to the highlight edges, or make the correction to all of the edges in the image.


The new tools mentioned here are quite impressive even with the basic application. However, we now have the fundamental knowledge to use these tools, more effectively and creatively, to enhance our images in surprising ways. Are you ready to try to use these tools to their fullest potential yet?

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