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by Craig Minielly Published 01/08/2010


A Passion and a Privilege...

To photograph someone on location, is to welcome an opportunity to tell a story of the subject as they wish it to be told...what a privilege to be allowed an insight to an individual's private thoughts and sanctum!

In doing so, there is always the stimulating challenge of combining the visual elements in a pleasing or stylish composition. It also allows the subject to interact with both the photographer and later with the viewer as well, in telling a personal story.


It matters not whether the subject is a high-powered executive, mother's little angels, or a moment with a beautiful woman wearing nothing but the smile she was born with...they all have their personalities to engage with, their essence to capture, and their story to tell.

In doing so, it is often prudent to decide who is going to view the image. From there, consider what elements to include or exclude, whether to load up the image with background details, or to isolate the subject for a more subtle or powerful graphic presentation. There are no wrong approaches, just different balances that are achieved with each new opportunity.

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1st Published 01/08/2010
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