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by Mike McNamee Published 01/02/2006


This is a brand new paper. So new in fact that the very few experimental sheets around were being couriered about the country to get a couple of prints ready in time for the SWPP & BPPA Convention.

Initially we had only three A4 sheets. We made a profile with a 343-swatch target using the X-Rite Pulse (the only spectro to hand which can build a profile from a single A4 sheet). For the record we used an Epson 4800 using Photo Black ink, set for Photo Glossy Paper at 2880dpi and with the High Speed turned off. Having made and installed the profile we ran a colour audit on the second sheet. The data are summarised in the table.


In a nutshell the overall error came in at 2.98 ÄE2000, compared with our all-comer's average of 3.30 - so far, so good! As far as we can recall (or find in our archives) the skin-tone accuracy and overall grey accuracy are the best we have ever achieved

Black and White

Although it turned out to be a spectacular skin-tone reproducer, Fibre Base Gloss was intended initially to be a traditional monochrome look-alike. We made a couple of prints using images provide by Paul Gallagher. They were quite stunning, especially the deep and rich Glen Coe image, published in the last issue. The look and feel was very much that of a traditional print and it set us off on an archaeology expedition into the filing cabinet to find some Record Rapid and Ilford Multigrade Fibre Base prints. These had been selenium toned some 15 years ago. The data are summarised in the table.

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