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by Gavin Stoker Published 01/10/2015

When it comes to hanging the background, the options here are aportable or studio based solution. As regards the former, LuxS has justlaunched a seven-section, seven metre kit for photographing largegroups at events. Pricing which includes a three-stand set, seven metrepoles, three sand bags and a carry bag is £365.

Your choice of studio backgrounds obviously depends on how much youhave to spend. Those on a higher budget can afford the RollEasy wallor ceiling mounted systems, but expect to pay around £1000 for a fouror five roll set. Alternatively LuxS' own Standard Chain systems use fulllengthalloy poles and can be made to fit your studio exactly; LuxS saysthat it has been known to supply one five metres wide. For a wall or ceilingmounted four or five roll system, expect to budget around £600.

LuxS also notes that props are indeed enjoying a resurgence, as thosephotographers shifting away from plain white vinyl seek to inject somefun or action into their shots particularly when photographing children,babies and tots. Fun here, whilst being sure to attract and hold theattention of attention of any child, are the set of Sweetie Posing Blocksthat resemble an over-sized selection of Liquorice Allsorts. Alternatively,and in the same vein, is the set of six brightly coloured Playblox PosingBlocks fashioned from foam bricks, whilst slightly more upmarket yet foryounger children still there is the Denny Rub-A-Dub Tub which resemblesa classic miniature roll top bath for posing babies at £199 retail. Moreaffordable still is the cute Tin Bath Baby Posing White Enamel Wash Tub,which is pretty much exactly as described for £39.99. This can be lined withblankets to prop up any little one.

Baby Prop Shop

Established in 2013 and pitching itself as the proverbial one stop shop, theBaby Prop Shop was just launching its new range of studio backgroundswhen we spoke for this article, with further announcements plannedfor the coming weeks, so there should be plenty to look at by the timeyou're reading this. Selling mainly online to those mainly specialising inthe baby photography market - with one of the biggest range of productofferings for newborn photography - the new range will see its offeringsexpand to also encompass the wider portrait photography market. It tellsImagemaker that it currently has over 2000 registered users across UK,Europe and further afield - a building customer base, it believes, due inpart to a quick efficient service and affordable shipping prices.

But the Baby Prop Shop's engagement with photographers doesn't justbegin and end with product however. It also boasts free tutorials on itswebsite, covering subjects from studio lighting through to using its propsin the studio.

"We wanted to try and help educate our clients on how to use our propscorrectly and how to create amazing photographs, therefore we createdfree tutorials on the website which are very popular," Baby Prop Shop'sNicholas Frost divulges.

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