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Published 01/04/2006



When you get to Photoshop your options expand. Most methods use either Diffuse Glow or Gaussian Blur along with manipulation within Channel Mixer, usually emphasising the green channel (to lighten the green components of the image). The blur may be applied to the green channel or to all three channels before conversion to greyscale. All the methods are a little longwinded for all but single images and there are many action sets available to ease your way. The large composite screen grab (below left) shows offerings from Nik Filters, Gavin Phillips and some freebie web downloads.

Gavin's Actions Developed by US photographer, Gavin Phillips, these are an action set which are available for download purchase on the web. His infrared4 action, as an example, contains around 70 steps (see image right) and leaves you with three options in your History Palette (see image below A) to view along with an ability to vary the opacity of the controlling layer and/or is tonal curve (below B & C). This brings great refinement to the process along with a removal of all the hard graft! In his tutorial online, Gavin shows the use of an s-shaped curve to refine the final image. The process benefits from some carefully conducted experimenting as you get to learn the capabilities of the process.


A snip at $35, there's a truck-load of other stuff in the actions set, including some nice variations on colour toning.

Visit where you will find both demonstration images along with tutorials on using the actions - you could write your own, but frankly it is probably not worth it!

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