The Picasso of Photography - part 1 of 1

by Winston Ingram Published 01/07/2001


Renowned the whole world over for his 'fine art photography', Winston has been hailed through exhibitions and articles as 'the Picasso of photography'.

His fine art hand toning has a unique and personal style that has made him one of the true innovators in the photographic art world.

Winston's career began in 1959 whereupon joining a major research organisation as a scientist he was asked after the first three weeks to take on the photographic work of the department. Having never been involved in any photographic work, he accepted the position as he realised how interesting this would be.

He then embarked on an intensive training course, which lasted six months. After a couple of years Winston came to the conclusion that it would be nice to expand the photographic work into the social market and develop his own personal income. He found the social work fascinating and overall a worthwhile career.

Having developed from the scientific, medical technical and forensic photography he found himself also doing society weddings, portraiture, commercial advertising and industrial work.

Winston has always loved teaching and by this time he had the necessary experience to pass his knowledge on to others and took over teaching work for the whole department of Research Company that he worked for and for other agencies who required his photographic knowledge.

In 1979 Winston left the public sector and went into Private Practice and at the same time because of his love of teaching started his tuition on a one to one basis.

Due to his expertise he has been an authorised trainer for various governments.

Winston has taught many SWPP and BPPA member's who are now running successful businesses.

Winston has many has many fine art exhibitions coming up around the world over the next two Winston Ingram FSWPP/FBPPA

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1st Published 01/07/2001
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