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by David Simm Published 01/10/2004


Quick Fix 2

IF SOMEONE TOLD YOU THEY COULD GET THEIR BUSINESS CARD into the pockets of almost every guest at every wedding, you'd be hard pressed to believe it wouldn't you. As fantastic as that as that may sound, I do it with monotonous regularity and here's how.

At the final briefing for a wedding couple, just a few days before their big day, I shoot a simple close up picture by my log pile, bring it into the work room and show them immediately, impressed they certainly are and quite tickled at what is about to happen next. I add a sloppy border, shrink the image down to post card size and then increase the canvas size with a white background. We have a couple of stock phrases like, "Wanna See Our Pictures?" and, "See Us On The Internet", I ask them to choose one and start to make the business card.

As the couple sit there mesmerised, I use Photoshop's Automate>Picture Package to make nine 2.5" x.2.5" images on a ten by eight inch print and then run off sufficient quantities so that every family at the wedding can take at least one home with them.

Next I add my web address, the couple's names and a password along with the dates that the images from the wedding may be viewed.Distribution is guaranteed, often they are placed out by the place cards, other times they are on the dinning tables and very occasionally they have been sent out in the thank you cards by the bride and groom, but without fail, every family that attended the wedding go away with a card bearing my web address and a fair certainty that they will make at least one visit there, if only to see the proofs of the wedding.

This one very inexpensive studio promotion that goes a long way to impress all who come into contact with it, bands, florists, and caterers alike, but above all there have been times when a totally unrelated job came in just because someone at a wedding picked up one on those cards.

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