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by Alexandra Collins Published 01/04/2005


One of the greatest experiences a photographer can have is to travel, especially amongst the company of other photographers.

Traveling gives you the opportunity to explore new cultures, meet different people and see new places. Experiencing this with other photographers gives you the opportunity to observe how they incorporate these same experiences in their own unique ways. You realize that there are many ways of expressing yourself and converting your passion into art.

A few years ago I went to Costa Rica with a group of photographers. It was both, a wonderful learning experience and an opportunity to share my passion for photography with other passionate photographers and some great instructors. After just two days it seemed as though we had known each other for years.

The beautiful environment, and our common passion, allowed our creativity to awake Alexandra Collinsand to transcend into endless possibilities


I enjoyed and learned so much in Costa Rica that I decided to join them again the following year; this time in Provence, France. It was a smaller group and there were some new faces. As on our last trip, we photograph all day. Our day began early in the morning and ended after sunset. Although we had similar cameras and we photographed the same models in the same places, each one of us came back with very different images - amazing!

Sometimes we worked in small groups and sometimes all together but always with the same goal, the same passion.... to create images.

Our most recent trip was last year to a small city located in the center of Mexico - "San Miguel de Allende". This beautiful little town seems to take you back in time. One of its striking and unique characteristics is the abundance of many old and interesting doors. Some are rather pretty and some are quite ordinary but they all have a common quality - they always lead to a colourful garden or a picturesque patio. This little town is truly a photographer's paradise; it is magically inviting.

As you can probably imagine we were busy all day with our cameras at hand trying to capture new and everlasting moments.

After every journey there comes the time to say good-by and go our different ways. We leave behind beautiful places, new and old friends and magical moments and return to our real worlds - our families, our studios and work. It is experiences like these that become the inspiration of most of our new projects and undoubtedly some of our greatest! We look forward to joining again

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