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by Khara Plicanic Published 01/11/2010


How do organisations like The Societies help?
Connecting with other photographers is incredibly valuable, not only for the learning that takes place, but even just for the sense of community. It's nice to connect with other folks who know where we're coming from.

Why is The Convention such a big deal for photographers?
It's an opportunity to connect, to learn, and to realise that you're not alone. That there's not a single solution to any one problem, it's about finding what works for you.

Your own mentors (living or dead).
I strive to gain from the wisdom of professionals across industries, not only in photography. I love learning from case studies on customer service/marketing. It's important to remember it's not just about taking pretty photos but rather, you have to be the whole package. I highly recommend for inspiration.

If you could pick just FIVE seminars to attend at the The Convention: whose workshops would you attend?
Anything on workflow, lighting, marketing, finding balance and managing the money side of things would be a good bet!

What do you think will be the next big thing in the industry?
Return to basics. Customer service and quality work.

Would you want your own children to take up the reins of your empire?
No kiddos yet, but I hope that whatever they do, they find a sense of purpose and freedom.

Your plans for the next five years?
More teaching, speaking, presenting and helping other photographers!

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