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by Mike McNamee Published 01/08/2012


"We're liberalising workflows so people don't have to stick with one product - and that seems to be resonating with a lot of photographers"

Another draw for photographers with regard to onOne is that it has dropped its prices, so what was last year a VAT inclusive £385 for a box of plug-ins is £225 this year. "We had our most successful Societies Convention in January and then best ever Focus on Imaging, so it's working," Bob Campbell believes.

As to how one should go about buying onOne's products, these can either be downloaded direct or bought boxed. "We sell boxed versions at shows, but we will push people to the website if there's no other way of getting the software into their hands. We do however, offer product at low, low prices at the shows and a lot of people do still want that physical product - it provides a sense of security that they've still got a disc ready if their machine explodes.

"We sell across the spectrum of photography too. We start at professionals and it filters down. It's a complete mix. We'll do camera clubs too; we're happy to talk to everyone in the business, but inevitably because of our doing shows like the SWPP our audience involves a lot of wedding photographers, but also portrait photographers now because of Perfect Portrait, which is a new addition to the Suite in the last eight months and has created a lot of interest.

"Landscape photographers also love us because of the ability to cut out skies from backgrounds and reproduce them with others. Perfect Resize used to be known as Genuine Fractals - and has been a favourite of landscape photographers for many years; so if you want to crop part of a landscape out and make it that much bigger that's the one to go for. It still outsells each individual plug-in by a long way.

"The Suite is actually the best selling product because people see great value, but in terms of individual products Perfect Resize is closely followed by Perfect Mask, which used to be called Mask Pro.

Layers of intrigue

Bob notes that onOne has a close association with Scott Kelby in the States, who runs the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. And that when Scott suggested the business was moving to Lightroom a few years ago, because lots of people were enjoying the experience of the RAW-based workflow, he suggested that it would be great to be able to use Layers in Lightroom. "That for us was the catalyst to provide a plug-in that would allow photographers to do that," explains Bob. "So we went away and did it with his recommendation and validation, which was very powerful for us. We do try to listen to photographers and the most important thing for us is talking to customers. Photographers tell us the pitfalls they come across and that's how we learn where to develop our product; it's developed purely and solely with the digital photographer in mind by our software engineers. Having said that we do have several professional photographers on our staff - including our head of product marketing, who is more in the portrait world, and our head of education and training is a professional landscape photographer."


"Photographers tell us the pitfalls they come across and we learn from that; our products are developed purely and solely with the digital photographer in mind."

In terms of feedback from UK users, Bob says that the general impression is that people are very happy with what they've got, and especially the new Suite. "Suite 6 has been a roaring success for us - sales for us this year are up 10 or 20% in the UK for value. So that tells us that despite the recession there are many photographers that we're reaching and talking to for the first time, which is amazing. The general tenor is that the products are good, they have simplified workflow and photographers can't do without them. We're trying to address the issue of training by doing a lot of 'webinars' now - we do webinars at 7am to hit the east and west coast of Australia and then Singapore and Hong Kong. And we do them two or three times a day, once a week. On top of that we have been we'll possibly do in conjunction with the Societies. But it's early days."

Another important aspect to mention is that onOne offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products across the board. "You get a full refund and that's fine, and we'll just deactivate the product using the serial number. Finally, to anyone sceptical that Perfect Photo Suite could really round up every image editing tool pro photographers require, and at a more affordable price, Bob says "just install the software, start to use it and see what happens." You can't say fairer than that.

For more about onOne's extensive range of plug-ins and standalone packages, direct your browser to In conjunction with this article, Socieities members are being offered an exclusive discount of a generous third off the price for Perfect Photo Suite 6 (normal retail price £225, offer price £130, inc VAT).

To take advantage of this call 01604 881735 and ask for Andrea

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