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by Joe Photo Published 01/06/2011


DAYS 1 and 2

On a plane again...

Becker and I are tucked back into row 43. I'm in the middle seat for the expected flight time of 10 hours and one minute from Los Angeles to London. The plane is full. I'm actually surprised that I'm not more bothered to be 'the middle guy'. Normally, I have to sit on the aisle or next to the window. However, for this trip, I'm grateful that Becker (at least) has an aisle seat, and I'm next to my best friend as we embark on an epic journey.

I LOVE teaching photography, but I hate being anxious, feeling unprepared and incompetent. While I teach I realise that there is so much I don't know about products and services, lighting and theory, Photoshop and Lightroom, business policies and practices. So what the heck am I doing teaching?! I've thought about this many times before. But I now realise that I want to learn to be a great teacher. I am a student and a teacher - and I have 10 hours in a middle seat to practice being both.


Actually all around us. I would be reminded of this reality hundreds of times during our 16 days abroad. We had a beautiful dinner with Simone by a fireplace in a quaint pub. It is blissful to eat with friends.

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