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Published 01/09/1997


Wedding Costing by Derek Avery FSWPP

Compare your prices with the ones below.

Are you under pricing yourself.

For the purpose of this article we will use the example of a part time photographer who undertakes approximately 20 weddings a year plus some portraits in the out of season months. His fixed costs can therefore be divided between his weddings and portraiture.

The photographer has a lock up studio which is open three days a week. His wedding packages include a wedding album with a number of 8x8's prints which the client selects from a preview set (which are the prints to be used in the album).

The wedding coverage we are pricing for this example is the:

Designer Collection

30 8x8 prints mounted in a Spicer Delius Album from a selection of 48 pictures taken at the church and reception.


Time spent on wedding coverage


1 Selling the coverage initially
0.5 Paperwork
1 Pre-wedding interview
0.5 Preparing your equipment on the wedding day
3.5 From leaving your studio or home on the wedding day to returning home.
0.5 Unloading your equipment
0.5 Taking the films to the Lab
0.5 Collecting the prints from the Lab
1 Preparing previews
0.5 Time spent with customers on collection of previews
2 Preparing and making up album
0.5 Time spent with customer on collection of album

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