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Published 01/02/2014


© Image courtesy of Getty Images

By Rebecca Swift, Head of Creative Planning, iStock by Getty Images

Rebecca Swift was one of the founding members of the creative research team at Getty Images introducing the visual research methodology to the industry. She joined the photography industry nearly 20 years ago and is now responsible for working with photographer communities to build image collections for iStock by Getty Images.
br>We have chosen to present her advice verbatim and it will be of general interest to all photographers, not just those creating for stock images.
br>As a part of my role at iStock by Getty Images, I run global research projects that involve monitoring visual trends to help us stay one step ahead in sourcing fresh, relevant content for our customers, and serve as a resource for creatives who seek to stay on top of the latest trends. Reflecting on our latest research, we anticipate the following trends will take off in 2014:

1. Authentic food imagery

The social craze for posting photos of our latest culinary creations is influencing professional imagery. With pictures of over-stylised food no longer palatable, restaurants and recipe books will ape the homemade style for a more trustworthy and authentic aesthetic.


© Image courtesy of Getty Images

2. Learning and experience trumps possessions

Materialism had its moment. Now, instead of aspiring to own big houses and the latest cars, we value experiences - whether it is travelling to a new location, learning a new skill or tasting different foods. Imagery will shift accordingly, representing "doing" rather than "owning."

3. Man is becoming a machine

As the IT industry dawned we feared that machines would take over and Terminator would become more than mere fiction. Now, this fear has flipped and we worry that humans are becoming more like machines. This new breed of data-driven and emotionally detached humans will be visualised through imagery representing bionics or bio-robotics.

4. Lens flare lights up the camera

While lens flare used to be a trademark of poor photography, it is now found everywhere - movies, TV shows, fashion and advertising - giving depth and light to images with this once 'flawed' technique.

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