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Why photography?
Why not! It's a great profession.

Film or digital? Is there still a place for silver halide?
They all still have their place.

Which camera?
It's not about the camera, but the person behind the lens.

Bit of detail about your own studio set-up/staffing. Why (as a customer) would I choose you?
I thought I'd let one my clients answer this:
‘JMS Group needed a fresh look to their team photography, something to stand out from the crowd and really bring a strong focus to us really being a ‘team’ to work with, and not just a bunch of creatives for hire. Angela took the time to really listen and develop our brief, was thorough in her prep work, a joy to work with on the day of the shoot, and the finished images are being used throughout the company’s marketing activities with enormous pride... Would definitely recommend for corporate portrait photography.’ - Francesca de Lacey, Managing Director

The problem with professional photographers today is...
Is there a problem?

What’s the worst commercial error you have made to date?
Not valuing myself, so charging too little!


How did you rectify the mistake?
Updated my price menu.

The lessons learnt?
Be bold, be the best you can be, be spectacular and value yourself and your product.

Is it getting harder or easier to make a decent living?
It's difficult to make a decent living for the populace in general. However, work hard and you will be rewarded.

How do you stay ahead of the game?
Know your numbers and work them to achieve what you need or want.

How do organisations such as The Societies of Photographers help?
Networking, education and the chance to be part of a large group of like-minded people; running your own sole-trader business can be isolating.

Why is The Societies of Photographers Convention such a big deal for photographers?
We all like a little recognition now and then, plus it's a chance to let your hair down and have fun.

Your own mentors (living or dead)?
Damian McGillicuddy.

If you could pick just FIVE seminars (other than your own of course!) to attend at The Societies of Photographers Convention whose workshops would you attend?
Neil Shearer's location seminar.
George Fairbairn, stop waiting to be discovered.
Malou Reedorf, create your creativity.
Julia Boggio, how to sell luxury.
Gurvir Johal, wedding portraits in 15 minutes.

Your plans for the next five years?
To carry on building my business and enjoying what I'm shooting.

The Societies' 2018 London Photo Convention

Angela will be speaking at The Societies' 2018 London Photo Convention. For more information on the Convention please see

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