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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


Leaving her job as an IT consultant in 2006, Lisa jumped into the world of wedding photography with both feet and was followed by her husband four years ago. 'It's gone really quickly!' Lisa says. 'And now that Phill is working in the business with me we've spent more time together in the last few years than we had for the previous 20. We live and work together which was very different from how it was before because you're with each other almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.' Phill offers a videography service to their clients, complementing Lisa's photography coverage. During a wedding day they work together on planning both video and stills, something that would be unusual if the couple hired the photographer and videographer separately.


Taking a lead from the technology used in the video world, Lisa utilises continuous lighting in her shots when the light levels dip. 'We use video lights a lot indoors at night for the stills shots because they're tungsten and you've normally got quite good colour balance with the ambient light'. Lisa also finds they can help to remove any unwanted lighting patterns from the available light, 'In some venues you have very beautiful lights like chandeliers, but they leave all sorts of shadows across what you're trying to shoot. A handheld video light allows us to keep the feel of the ambient lighting but gives us more control.'

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