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by Mike McNamee Published 01/06/2015


We chose not to install the BenQ software for calibration (PaletteMaster) but the manual suggests that it is identical to our i1 Profiler in both UI and function. It also has an inbuilt G7/Fogra certification routine as part of the quality checking after profiling (G7 is the US standard, Fogra the European).

We profiled using a 118-patch target at a gamma of 2.2 and a luminance of 75 cd/m2. This is a very low luminance which we prefer and we noted that the Brightness slider was down to around 20% to get this low. The usual troubles of bit-depth loss were not evident as this monitor has a built-in Look Up Table and so it accommodated the low luminance with no problems at all. We aimed for a D55 white point. The profile dropped the colour in at 5,568K and the luminance in at 76cd/m2.

After profiling, the system found and used the profile without any issues but it would not interface with the validation on the i1Profiler, reporting an incorrectly tagged profile. We ignored this and proceeded to audit using Babel Colour for G7/Fogra certification.


This was the longest task of the entire review; it takes over an hour to grind through the 1,617-patch IT8 reference file. The Babel Colour software then builds a certification report. As can be seen, it is a straight pass right down the line, other than our choice of 75 cd/m2 as our luminance. This then is an impressive performance. The average error was 0.73 ΔEoo and the maximum was 3.43ΔEoo. The uniformity across the screen for both white point and luminance are tabled and also shown graphically from the software.

Comparing the screen with our own Fogra-certified Eizo CG 243W did not show any detectable differences in the images and colour patches other than a slight additional warmth in the BenQ which was set to a slightly higher default white point.

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1st Published 01/06/2015
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