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by Lindsay Dobson Published 01/06/2014


What kinds of customers do you work with?

Is vital to align yourself with people who understand and appreciate the quality of your work, and who are prepared to pay for it. My clients tend to be fairly mature with an appreciation for interesting or unique imagery. I have a fairly classic style but it's important the photographs have impact - without the wow factor it can be difficult to move into the higher pricing brackets. This in turn dictates that every aspect of your product and service is polished and is tailored to each client which of course also dictates that your pricing covers all of the time you invest in each project.

What sort of products do your clients want?

My product list for pet and animal photography is the same as that for human portraits. Wall pieces are by far the most popular products but albums are also important - the notion that albums are dead is nonsense! By providing a good range of photographs, all of which the client will love, you're putting yourself in a good position to sell a wide range of items. That's not to say I don't also offer printable digital files, but these would only become available after a minimum spend on hard products. The session fee doesn't include any products or credits towards products - they are always purchased separately.

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