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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/04/2014


Knowing your camera and understanding light are also crucial to developing your own style over time. 'Your style comes from the combination of lenses you use and how you use them, as well as what you do with the images afterwards.' Kate also admits she tends to look for particular colours in her compositions too 'This time of year now, when the grass is drying out, I love it. I prefer neutral backgrounds. I love beaches and the grass of late summer so that you can inject colour with the people in your photographs. But the thing I hate most is green. I really struggle in late spring and early summer to get images that I like.'


Shooting the big 'Art' shots.

Having a background in history of art means that Kate is particularly well versed in the soft skills that are relevant to photography. 'I sat and critiqued work at university for three years, I look at a scene and I understand the effect that things such as colour balance has on composition,' Kate says. 'Any other creative profession has a period similar to an apprenticeship. If you're a graphic designer or an architect you learn the basics, but because photography has a big hobbyist contingent there's this whole swathe of knowledge that is missing for many people.'

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