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by Jenny Heyworth Published 25/10/2017

Is it primarily about the chance to learn from the experiences of imaging icons?
Yes this is a big draw, to meet the heroes in the industry and learn from them is a huge draw.

Your own mentors (living or dead)?
I get my inspiration from a whole different range of medias; filmmakers, photographers, interiors and designers. If I had to name just a few it would be Annie Leibovitz as her work is so original and pioneering. My second would be David Loftus for his simple approach and love of colour.

Who today is leading the way in creative social photography and why?
I think fashion, trends and culture lead our industry. In a nutshell social photography is lead ultimately by people and lifestyle. Without this we would be out of a job.

If you could pick just FIVE seminars (other than your own of course!) to attend at The Societies of Photographers Convention whose workshops would you attend?

Catherine Connor
Martin Baynes
Sean Conboy
The Yerburys
Terrie Jones

What do you think will be the next big thing in the industry?
Moving capture

Would you want your own children to take up the reins of your empire (or have they)?
I think if my children would want to follow in my footsteps I would be honoured but I would definitely prepare them for an ever changing world.

Your plans for the next five years?
Carry on being the best lifestyle photographer I can be.

Serving my clients the best that I can everyday.

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