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by Julia Boggio Published 31/10/2017


Tell us a little about your background, your first camera and photographic experience and your subsequent emergence as a pro.

I discovered my love of photography when I was backpacking through South America in 2000. One of my fellow hikers on the Inca Trail showed me his Canon AE and I was hooked. As soon as I got back home to the UK, I purchased one and enrolled on my first darkroom course, quickly followed by my second. I eventually took a 2 year diploma course at Richmond College while working my day job as an advertising copywriter. Eventually, I told my husband that I really wanted to try photography as my profession. That was in 2005. Soon after, I left my job and started on the grand adventure of a career in photography.

Why photography?
I enjoy visual storytelling. I love taking great photographs of my own children.

Film or digital? Is there still a place for silver halide?
I started on film, but I am now digital. In fact, I credit the Canon EOS 10D with resurrecting my photography career. After studying, I almost moved on from photography because I was finding it hard to get time in the darkroom. Then the 10D came out and that was that.

Which camera?
I use the Canon EOS Mk IV and a Hasselblad.


Bit of detail about your own studio set-up/staffing.
I have run the gamut when it comes to studio set ups. I started my career working from the second bedroom in my home, shooting primarily weddings. In the second year of business I moved out into offices, followed soon after by own family portrait studio. At its height the studio had 15 full- and part-time employees. But as my own life changed, I realised this was no longer what I wanted, so I downsized again and I’m more successful than ever. I still have freelancers helping me to support my business in various roles.

Why (as a customer) would I choose you?
I have spent many years growing the reputation of my business in the luxury market. We are known for being trustworthy, talented, and delivering a great product.

The problem with professional photographers today is…
This is a difficult question to answer because it assumes there is a general problem, which I don’t think there is. Many people have issues with running the business side of things, which is why it’s great that they can come to SWPP and learn from established professionals.

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