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by Charlotte Moss Published 01/08/2014


Having new people in the business keeps us fresh and energised.' Photo Nottingham is not a studio that just repeats the same shots for each client either. 'Over the years you learn the shots that sell and you learn the pictures that clients will respond well to, however, we encourage our photographers to try different things.

My staff will get the basic shots in the bag and then they'll have a go at something different with each customer as well to try and give them something unique.'


Fresh Group Photographer of the Year 2014

Being a member of an organisation designed to generate leads for your business can be a great marketing strategy. Photo Nottingham is part of the Click Connection Corporation that brings in high-quality leads for portrait and makeover sales. 'Membership of Click has sent us a steady flow of clients every week for years. It is a very good base to build the rest of the business on especially at those times of the year where the calendar can be a bit bare - the January and February months where you might start to wonder where your next clients are coming from.' Membership of a marketing group isn't for everybody but Stuart believes it has been the right choice for Photo Nottingham. 'By being part of a group of studios you know that there is always something happening in the background, that there is always marketing being carried out on your behalf. It's been very successful.'

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