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Published 01/12/2015


As you read this article no doubt you are eagerly looking forward to the Societies' annual Convention in London, where you will meet hundreds of like minded people, a vast array of industry suppliers and a fair few people who are deemed to be trainers in all things relevant to photography.

Having been in the business over 40 years there has clearly been many changes, several for the betterment of our beloved profession, but equally there has been a considerable number of misguided developments with some changes happening at an alarming rate. I see an unhealthy rush into training and teaching by many professional photographers, all who see this as an easy way in which to supplement their photography income, which they have concluded is no longer viable simply doing pure photography. There are some who only offer training and therefore that is the main source of income for them, that is fine if they have been established in this field long enough to offer excellent training. The rest may be right, but beware check out their CVs and their websites, look for recommendations and ask around who these people are, and what their abilities to teach are. In photography we do not have a Trip Advisor style of recommendations; so it is difficult to determine the good from the mediocre. Every day on social media a new 'Trainer' pops up with courses for this that and the other but there are two which stand out from the crowd.


The Societies' annual Convention with hundreds of speakers to choose from covering almost every aspect of photography, this has been a long established event with a good track record boasting something for everyone with a massive amount of networking and socialising thrown in; then there is Photo Training Overseas, which next year will be the thirtieth annual overseas training event. Each year it travels to a great overseas location with a top-class hotel as the base, enabling delegates to enjoy a holiday element as well; it is also recognised as a genuine tax-claimable activity. It does not take much to work out which are the stand out training opportunities available to all photographers from hobbyists to talented full-time professionals. So, like customers researching, for example, a wedding photographer, find out as much about them as possible, it will make your choosing so much easier. As you read this there is still time to make a direct booking from your local airport and a hotel booking direct with the hotel, however, if you are doing this please let the PTO organisers aware so they can include you in the main group, several delegates are already choosing to do this.

If you need any help please contact PTO Head Office on 0161 483 3114 website for full details and dates at

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