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by Scott Johnson Published 25/10/2017


Tell us a little about your background, your first camera and photographic experience and your subsequent emergence as a pro.

Why photography?
If I’m honest, I was forced into it! At School, I was re-sitting English and Maths, so needed to pad out my 6th form studies, so had the choice of Human Biology, or Photography. No brainer really! haha

Film or digital? Is there still a place for silver halide?
Both. I’m lucky enough to hold three Fellowships, and my latest was shot entirely on Film, the first for over 15 years. Film very much has a place in Photography. I see so many people ‘spraying and praying’ while they shoot, they’ve forgotten what photography actual is. It’s the art of capturing a single moment in time forever, not jamming the shutter and hoping for the best. With film, you need to respect it, take your time, think about exactly the correct time to hit the shutter. I think a lot of photographers would benefit from shooting it.

Which camera?
FujiFilm’s amazing X-Pro2 - I’ve three for my wedding work, and an X-E2s for my personal work… mainly on family days out.


Bit of detail about your own studio set-up/staffing. Why (as a customer) would I choose you?
I run a busy Wedding Photography studio in Essex. I’m the Managing Director and tea boy! I do pretty much everything in the office, as well as shoot, but on the wedding day, I have a second shooter that works with me to help get everything done. Everybody needs a Karen in their life! I’ve ran the business since 2006, and people now come to me for my style of imagery, they know exactly what to expect.

The problem with professional photographers today is...
People want instant success. They see the ‘Rockstars’ of photography and think “I want a piece of that action”, but are unaware of the graft and sacrifice needed to get there. Photographers are obsessed with getting as many ‘likes’ on Facebook and Instagram, they’re not focused properly on getting the image, or more importantly, their business model right first. One of my favourite quotes I heard on a TV show is “everyone want’s the big buck, but nobody is prepared to work for it”, and I think this is true in photography.People expect to be given free stuff from brands because they can get 1,000 likes on instagram. If you want something, shoot consistently, concisely, and the rewards will come.

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1st Published 25/10/2017
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